Our Programs and Philosophy

At the Northgate Early Childhood Centre, we aim to create an environment that is stimulating and challenging and allows the children the opportunity to grow, learn and develop at their own pace.
Staff work as partners with parents, but parents are the ultimate decision makers in planning and setting goals for their children. The Centre’s guiding principle is one of an open door policy where parents are welcome to discuss with the Director or staff any queries which may arise from time to time.
Northgate Early Childhood

Every Child is an Individual

Children are active learners, creating knowledge and learning through their daily experiences with materials and people. Every child is an individual, with unique strengths, interests, personality and approach to learning.
We believe that through play activities, children will develop the skills to become self confident, self motivated and self disciplined.

Independence is encouraged

Independence is fostered and language, cognitive, motor, self help and social skills are developed in settings designed for children and supported by responsive adults.
We will respect each child’s cultural heritage and values by including a multicultural and non bias curriculum, which presents all children with a wide variety of learning experiences.
Positive discipline places emphasis on preventing problems by having age appropriate expectations, providing interactive adult monitoring and supervision. Appropriate behaviour is fostered by helping children learn to control their behaviour and work out conflicts with others.

Extra Activities

Each year our Centre offers a range of extracurricular programs that you may choose for your child to participate in. These may include Ocean Life Education, Computer Gym, Henny Penny Hatching Program and Think Green. We believe that such events are an important part of the program as they expand each child’s experience and understanding through a variety of real-life experiences.
Our Pre-School room offers a kindergarten program that is aligned with the National Early Years Learning Framework delivered by our Qualified Teacher.


Overall, caring for young children is an immense responsibility we share with parents. We regard this role as very important, because we, in partnership with parents are shaping and molding children for the future.

Northgate Child Care